Theobroma cacao…a little evergreen tree that grows in the tropics of central and South America. Ever heard of it? Well if you’ve ever had chocolate, you have this plant to thank!

Theobroma oil, or more commonly known as cocoa butter, is a creamy, pale-yellow fat extracted from cocoa beans after they have been fermented, roasted and separated from the hulls. Only about half of the residue is actually cocoa butter – the rest are cocoa solids. To separate the two, they are pressed (resulting in some chocolate liquor,too).


Cocoa butter is largely saturated fats, mostly coming from stearic, palmitic and oleic acids. This fat is a major ingredient in nearly all types of chocolate (white, milk & dark) as well as having pharmaceutical applications (medicinal suppositories, anyone?).

Because of its high antioxidant and being incredibly stable, it prevents rancidity and has a shelf life of 2-5 years. Due to this and it’s lovely texture, fragrance and emollient properties, it is wildly popular in soaps and lotions.

Washing with a bar of soap that has a high cocoa butter content (or reaching for some lotion that does) does some pretty wonderful things for your skin!
* Moisturizes and heals your skin from the inside out to prevent dryness and peeling
* Adds a protective layer of hydration to your skin/lips to block harsh elements
* The polyphenols in cocoa butter can help fight signs of aging
* It can soothe burns, infections and rashes, much like aloe Vera, when used topically
* Since it melts well in warm water and won’t clog your drain, it makes a fabulous shaving cream
* When consumed, it can help reduce the risk of inflammation and heart diseases as well as boost your immunity!

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